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Dennis J16
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Blev medlem: 31 aug 2015 18:49

English version

Inläggav Dennis J16 » 31 aug 2015 18:58

do you have english version of your site

Site Admin
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Re: English version

Inläggav Korkort_se » 31 aug 2015 20:22


At this moment the website is only availible in swedish language!
Med bästa hälsningar, Körkort.se


Re: English version

Inläggav Gäst » 04 sep 2015 09:28

It's a pity that the website is useful for those who speak good Swedish. I have a Svenska 3 Gymnaisum certificate but I still have problem with the theory part. I have read the theory book in English and understand the information but here I take more than a minute just to understand the question and most of the times I have to use an online dictionary for finding out the meaning of words in the question. It would have been helpful if the theory practice questions were available in English also.

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